Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Using Skills Points From Level 1 To 4

As you move on with your levels there will be different ways in which you will use your skills points. Obviously, at different levels in the game there are different aspects that you need to look into. At the most basic levels like under the level 30, you need to focus more on ways to increase your chances of gaining more experience points. You need to improve your chances of doing more jobs and having more fights.

As it can be understood, you will spend less on your attack and defense. Don't put a total full stop on it but going from level 1 to 4 you will have around 20 skill points. That is not a big number and you must be careful with where you spend it.

Let's assume that you finish up 1 or 2 jobs as well. So if you have around 22 points, you should first focus on bringing up your attack and defense both at 10 each. This should help you put up a fight if you attack someone or if you need to defend when someone else attacks you.

Next, you should spend the rest of your 12 skill points on energy and stamina equally. That is, six skill points on each. These are the two things that you'll be needing most in leveling up. You must be thinking that why I did not advise you yet to spend more on your attack and defense. You might also be thinking that this will make you lose in fights against other 'Dons' in the game.

But no, you're thinking wrong. I will tell you how you can still fight and win from people. In fact, this time you have spent more skill points on these two things. In my next posts I will be telling you how to spend more of your skills points that you acquire from the next levels. Till then, keep banging.

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