Monday, October 26, 2009

Upkeep On Weapons, Armor and Vehicles

Practically, the only thing that'll ever hold you back in Mafia Wars from purchasing weapons like chain gun, Tommy gun, body Armour or any vehicle is the incredibly high upkeep. Unfortuntely, I never found any guide where I could be told more about the upkeep. As I accumulated money, I focused more on purchasing big guns.

It was not soon that I went to my property page and saw my current take as $-47,000. I was shocked, and used some observation to come to the conclusion that as buying properties builds you an income. Buying weapons with upkeep adds an expense to your income.

To be honest, this is something that I'm impressed with the Mafia Wars' developers with. The game is thoroughly thought and is very realistic in terms of planning strategies. So, I went ahead and sold all of my weapons with an upkeep.

I would advise all mafia wars players who are at level 20 or below to try not to buy anything with an upkeep unless they have a lot of property and the daily upkeep only constitutes to less than 25% of the income.

I have yet to post more about basic level strategies, stick around and I'll be posting more soon.

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