Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Initial Aims At Mafia Wars

As I just started out with Mafia Wars 3 days ago, I'm building short term aims to make my way to the top (Do I sound a little too ambitious? lol). Moreover, I'm trying to achieve a lot in a very small span of time. I know that isn't really going to work out all that great.

But, leveling up to level 18 in 3 days isn't too bad either. My initial aims at mafia wars are:
  1. Leveling up as fast as possible.
  2. Create a steady stream of income through properties.
That's right. As you can see I am not concentrating on building up a huge pile of guns or boosts. I'm still out seeking the best ways to gain exp points quickly. Moreover, as I'm leveling up I'm having a totally different strategy of using my skill points.

Of course, everyone has their own preferences. I will do a more detailed post on using skill points in the coming days. Till then, chao.

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