Thursday, October 29, 2009

Strategy For Jobs In The 'Street Thug' Level - Continued

Yesterday I posted about the strategy that you should use when you're at very low levels in the mafia wars game. I wrote about following a sequence in doing the jobs which will help you achieve the most in the least time in the game. Today, I'll be writing about the rest of the jobs in the 'Street Thug' level and the sequence that you'll need to follow when you're doing them. Yes, the list below is continuing the list started yesterday and is going in the same order:
  • Beat up rival gangster: This one also costs 2 energy points. However, the reason why I told you to pick 'Collect on a Loan' over this one first is because this one gives you $520 only which is only 1/4th of the amount received by the job done prior to this. This one also requires a baseball bat which you will already be having. However, this one also has a chance of receiving loot (this is where you can receive weapons or armors as a loot from doing the job). So do this before moving on and do the same with the skill point earned.
  • Corner store hold up: This job requires 3 energy points. This job gives you 3 experience points and $800.This job requires you to have a crowbar, so go ahead and purchase one from the inventory and then do this job over and over again until you master it completely. Spend the skill point earned on energy again.
  • Rob a Pimp: If so far you have done all of the tasks in the order that I mentioned then you would have enough money to purchase a Motorbike and a Machine Pistol which you will require for this job. So go ahead and purchase both of them and then come back and then master this job. This job gives you $1100 and also has a chance of loot. The reason why I told you to do the 'Corner store hold up' job before this one is because this one required two more items to be purchased both of which were expensive. So in case you have the amount of money required to purchase the two items before you did the 'Corner store hold up' job, then you may do this one first because overall this one is definitely better. The spending of the skill point remains the same (is it getting annoying?).
  • Warehouse Robbery: For doing this job you will need 5 energy points each time you do this. So normally, you will not be able to finish this job in one go. You'll have to wait till your energy regains itself and then have a go at it again. You will need a .45 cal pistol for this job, in my case I had already gotten this pistol through loot at one of the previous jobs. This job gives you 5 experience points and $1400.Once again you master this job and spend the skill point on your energy level and then move on to the next job.
  • Auto Theft: This is the last job in the 'Street Thug' level and probably the best one as well. Definitely saves you a lot of time as it takes 7 energy points for this but you receive 8 experience points in return (1 bonus) and you also get $2800. For this job you need a .45 cal pistol (which you will already have) and a sawed off shot gun. So go ahead and purchase the sawed off shotgun from the inventory and master this job and spending the skill point earned from mastering it on your energy level.

There you are. Phew, you did all of the jobs in the 'Street Thug' Level. You might have leveled up to 5+ in the midst of doing these jobs but I will definitely not recommend you to move on to the next level which is the 'Associate' level for level 5-8.

Finish all of this and you will receive a bonus (I'll leave that as a surprise for you). Coming up in the following days, I'll tell you what to do in the midst of these jobs when you have no energy left and you are waiting for for it to regain. Till then, chao.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Strategy For Jobs In The 'Street Thug' Level

When doing jobs in mafia wars you'll need to build up a little strategy to get the most out of your limited energy points and make the most money, experience points and most importantly skill points. I talked about how you could make your own strategy for leveling up and bringing yourself out of the initial stage in mafia wars.

You need to make sure that you're getting the most out of your energy points being spent up. This is because your maximum would be quite low. It starts at 10, and with 10 points you can barely do much to level up. So I'll let you know about the little strategy that I used.

What you need to do is try to stick to one job at a time. What I mean by this is that, you should try and stick to one job until you master it. The best way to master a job without spending much of your energy points is to start with the job that requires the least number of energy points. In the 'Street Thug' level you should attempt to do jobs in the following order:
  • Mugging: It requires 1 energy point. It should be done first because it requires the least number of energy points and once you master it you get a skill point. Use this to increase your maximum energy point level.
  • Collect on a Loan: You'll need to buy a baseball bat for this first, it doesn't cost much but this is the second best job. It costs 2 energy points gives you 2 experience points and then $2000 as well (which is a lot at this level). Try mastering this before you get on to the next one because out of all the available jobs in the 'Street Thug' level, this one is the best. After you've mastered it, spend the earned skill point on energy again (trust me, it is totally worth it).
Doing these two jobs would not take that long. However, what you need to make sure is that you do not spend more energy points on a job after you've mastered it. the main reason why I'm asking you to master each and everyone of them is because of the skill point which is received once you master it.

So after that you will just be wasting your energy points on this. Moreover, if you level up in the midst of doing these jobs then spend at least 2 skill points out of those every time on your energy level as it will help a lot. Do these two jobs today and I will post about the rest of the jobs tomorrow. Till then, stick around! ;)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Using Skills Points From Level 1 To 4

As you move on with your levels there will be different ways in which you will use your skills points. Obviously, at different levels in the game there are different aspects that you need to look into. At the most basic levels like under the level 30, you need to focus more on ways to increase your chances of gaining more experience points. You need to improve your chances of doing more jobs and having more fights.

As it can be understood, you will spend less on your attack and defense. Don't put a total full stop on it but going from level 1 to 4 you will have around 20 skill points. That is not a big number and you must be careful with where you spend it.

Let's assume that you finish up 1 or 2 jobs as well. So if you have around 22 points, you should first focus on bringing up your attack and defense both at 10 each. This should help you put up a fight if you attack someone or if you need to defend when someone else attacks you.

Next, you should spend the rest of your 12 skill points on energy and stamina equally. That is, six skill points on each. These are the two things that you'll be needing most in leveling up. You must be thinking that why I did not advise you yet to spend more on your attack and defense. You might also be thinking that this will make you lose in fights against other 'Dons' in the game.

But no, you're thinking wrong. I will tell you how you can still fight and win from people. In fact, this time you have spent more skill points on these two things. In my next posts I will be telling you how to spend more of your skills points that you acquire from the next levels. Till then, keep banging.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Upkeep On Weapons, Armor and Vehicles

Practically, the only thing that'll ever hold you back in Mafia Wars from purchasing weapons like chain gun, Tommy gun, body Armour or any vehicle is the incredibly high upkeep. Unfortuntely, I never found any guide where I could be told more about the upkeep. As I accumulated money, I focused more on purchasing big guns.

It was not soon that I went to my property page and saw my current take as $-47,000. I was shocked, and used some observation to come to the conclusion that as buying properties builds you an income. Buying weapons with upkeep adds an expense to your income.

To be honest, this is something that I'm impressed with the Mafia Wars' developers with. The game is thoroughly thought and is very realistic in terms of planning strategies. So, I went ahead and sold all of my weapons with an upkeep.

I would advise all mafia wars players who are at level 20 or below to try not to buy anything with an upkeep unless they have a lot of property and the daily upkeep only constitutes to less than 25% of the income.

I have yet to post more about basic level strategies, stick around and I'll be posting more soon.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Initial Aims At Mafia Wars

As I just started out with Mafia Wars 3 days ago, I'm building short term aims to make my way to the top (Do I sound a little too ambitious? lol). Moreover, I'm trying to achieve a lot in a very small span of time. I know that isn't really going to work out all that great.

But, leveling up to level 18 in 3 days isn't too bad either. My initial aims at mafia wars are:
  1. Leveling up as fast as possible.
  2. Create a steady stream of income through properties.
That's right. As you can see I am not concentrating on building up a huge pile of guns or boosts. I'm still out seeking the best ways to gain exp points quickly. Moreover, as I'm leveling up I'm having a totally different strategy of using my skill points.

Of course, everyone has their own preferences. I will do a more detailed post on using skill points in the coming days. Till then, chao.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

What To Do When You're At Level 1

This is the basic start for the mafia wars game. Basically, the more you do jobs or you fight, the more experience points you gain. There is a blue bar on the top right of the game screen. On top of the bar there are experience points that you already have and it also shows the number of experience points that you'll need to get to the next level.

What you need to do is that start off by doing jobs. The only unlocked set of jobs for you right now will be 'Street Thug'. Start by doing one job again and again. Remember, this is the catch here. You do one job again and again. There will be a yellow bar next to each job which will be empty initially.

As you start doing this job again and again, it will start getting filled. You gain ideally from 6-25% experience on that job each time you do it. Instead of splitting out your energy points between all the five jobs just start from one.

I'll advise you to do the 'Mugging' job first. It requires only 1 energy point and you'll be able to easily finish it off gaining maximum experience points for your level, experience points for this job and money at this level. Hopefully, you'll be able to do so without even finishing up your energy points.

Energy points are regained at a rate of 1 energy point per 5 minutes (which is very low) so you might find yourself waiting a lot in getting it back. After a couple of jobs, you'll level up after which you can go ahead and use skill points to increase your maximum energy (Do this, it helps a lot).

One more thing that you should keep in mind is that you will need to buy weapons for doing jobs for example you will need to buy a baseball bat to do the 'Beat up a rival gangster' job. So make sure that you only buy the weapons that are required and don't go for buying weapons that you like or you think would make your attack higher in fights. Don't do that yet because you will be needing the money desperately later in the game.

Keep doing this and in no time you'll be flying up levels. This part of the game is very easy. It didn't take me more than an hour in crossing the first four levels, shouldn't take you that long either. ;)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mafia Wars - My Initiation

I started playing mafia wars yesterday. I've been seeing the game around for a few months now but never had the urge to play it. I just had a friend recommending me this game a few days back that I decided to start playing it.

When starting the game, you can choose to be one of the three types of characters: Mogul, Maniac and Fearless. I started playing it yesterday and chose to be a Mogul, which definitely stacks up money more quickly than the rest.

I am not sure whether choosing to be a Mogul in Mafia Wars was the right decision or not but one thing that I know for sure is that to succeed further off in the game you will be needing more of cash. As I started off with the game I became aware of that.

You need cash for everything, most importantly you need loads of cash for buying weapons and armors in the inventory. I started off quite well and I will be writing more about my journey in the game Mafia Wars on this blog in the coming days to stick around. :)