Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why the mafia wars craze?

You might ask this question when you see me posting on this blog after 7 months. Mafia wars has been around since a little longer than 2 years. Ever since it came it created a buzz. It is not because it has some really cool animations or something.

It's just that the game play is extremely addictive that we all want to play it again and again. Especially when you're in the lower levels it is quite addictive to just keep on doing the jobs again and again in the struggle of improving your level.

Moreover, you also want to improve your experience. Reason being, over time I've noticed that you would usually have people attack you and you'll eventually end up losing in case you don't do the jobs everyday.

However, all of this is mostly limited to lower levels when people are low on cash and on experience. Tomorrow, I'll write again to tell why the mafia wars craze is taking a low now. Till then, take care.